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The word quality derives from Latin qualitas meaning "property". There is nothing evaluative in the etymological sense of the word quality...




Quality Assurance

Good translation quality means that the translation reflects the meaning of the source text as good as possible and reads fluently and like an original text. Special terminology, stylistic guidelines etc. should be obeyed, the translation should be consistent and the text shouldn't contain any translation errors or typos. There are many means helping the translator to accomplish this, e. g. modern CAT tools that save translations and help to make sure the translation is as consistent as possible – as well as spellcheckers and QA tools. While machine translations (MT) and automated translations achive the opposite effect...

QA helpers:
CAT tools in order to assure consistency throughout the translation
QA tools
Last but not least: human reviewer

Quality assurance services offered:
StyleGuide development (hourly rate EUR 50.00)
Review (hourly rate EUR 50.00)
Proofreading (hourly rate EUR 50.00)
QA (hourly rate EUR 50.00)

Cloud 9?

Do you believe in automated translations and MT? Well, if you can live with translations like these examples taken from a real MT project (translation back into English in brackets):
Analyzing Impacts > Analysieren Wirkt sich auf Aus (Analyzing has an effect)
Do It Yourself > Machen Sie es sich (Have it off with yourself)
Root Product > Wurzeln Sie Produkt (Make the product put down roots)

My cloud nine looks different...