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Localization isn't just about translating. It is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look-and-feel". It transfers knowledge, logic and structure as well as moods and emotions. Localization integrates a product into both: the language and the culture of the intended country.

In a Perfect World

...translatable content would be created having translation in mind: understandable, consistent and error-free. The translation would be done on the basis of consistent glossaries, memories and style guides. The client would be available for questions. A second person would review the translation. A third person would do a QA of the translation. Only after this the translation would be passed on.

L10N process services offered:
Translation (varying rate per source word, depending on language pair and kind of text)
Review (hourly rate EUR 50.00)
Proofreading (hourly rate EUR 50.00)
QA (hourly rate EUR 50.00)

CAT tools used:
SDL Trados Studio 2011

Team Play

L10N is not a black box process. It needs good team players at all levels of the process.